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Choir and Band gathered for a dinner at Ayman's place


Two tiny feet
That wave in the air
Two tiny hands
That tug at your hair
Our tiny baby James
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with praise
And touch our lives with love
Lord Keep our baby safe and strong,
Help us teach him right from wrong,
And we shall praise thee all day long.

                                                   Ayman and Grace Kafrouny



Ayman, Priscilla and baby James

Grace and baby James

Ayman and baby James


Ayman Kafrouny was recently ordained as an Elder during the Eurasia Regional Conference of the Church
of the Nazarene that was held in Turkey (October 4th-7th,2007). His ordainment followed his completion of the theological studies -  including courses on Church history, Christian Counseling, Pastoral Administration, Church Planting, Evangelism -  that The International Church Of The Nazarene requires from members who are called to serve as ordained elders or deacons.


Ayman sees this ordination as a very special and sacred step in my life and I am honored by the trust thus granted to me by my Church.  I am grateful to the Church Of The Nazarene for supporting my ministry, and for its teachings according to the Wesleyan Armenian tradition about Holiness and Christian Perfection that is helping me grow in my relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  

                May the Lord bless all those who seek to honor Him by being obedient to His calling.

Dr. James Diehl, one of the General Superintendents  in the Church of the Nazarene led the Ordination service assisted by Dr. Gustavo Crocker, the Eurasia Regional Director.  Present as well were more than 100 elders and deacons from all over the Eurasia Region who laid hands on the newly ordained which included in addition to Rev. Ayman Kafrouni, Rev. Andre Hannouch from Lebanon, an elder from Iraq, as well as an elder and a deacon from Nepal.

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  Ayman and Grace graduated from the Eastern Mediterenean and Nazarene Bible College with a degree in theology, the ceremony of Ayman took place in Jordan on the 30th of July 2005, while Grace on August 2007.

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The Graduation of Ayman
July 2005


The Graduation of Grace
August 2007




The Intisar Team gathered for a dinner to celebrate
the blessings of the Lord for a very successful concert
that took place at the apotre with Ayman and Maher Fayez.

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