Ayman was born in Tripoli– Lebanon, on the 17th of March 1969 in a middle-class Christian family, who used the traditional ways to practice their faith.
Giving their only concern to the traditional ceremonies and rites, they did not perceive the importance of establishing a deep and close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
He studied nursing and joined the army.
He served in “Beit - Chabab Institute for handicaps” for almost 3 years and a half, by taking care of handicaps and people injured during war.
In 1992, he participated in a television program for amateurs, on a popular TV station in Lebanon where he started singing.
During his 8 years of practicing the profession of singing, he became well known and famous not only in Lebanon but in the Arab world as well. He recorded many songs, which mostly gained the first prize in different stations and sales firms.

One day, he made a kind of pact with God: he promised him to read the Bible five consecutive times, if God, in return, made a very important concert scheduled outside Lebanon a success.
Reading the Bible made him more knowledgeable about the true Christianity, which finally made him surrender his entire life to Jesus-Christ, after being completely drowned in a world of corruption, lust, and drugs.
Before his life was changed, he was deeply involved with drugs, while experiencing the celebrity. He tried different kinds of sins, but never found satisfaction in any of it. So he asked Jesus to save him from such misery and lost.
The Lord changed his entire life and made him leave the world of sin, with all what can damage his relation with Him. He simply made him a new creation.
One year later, he felt he couldn’t be a singer and a truthful servant for God at the same time. He saw himself in front of two different choices; either to leave his profession and get more involved in serving and worshiping the Lord, or to continue his life as a celebrity, which will certainly threaten his relation with Jesus.
Taking such decision was never easy for him, but in comparison with his ministry to the Lord, he’s chosen to leave everything behind and follow Christ.
Thus, he gave up his profession without having any idea what he was going to do, or what will his life look like in the future.
God gave him the talent of writing and composing Christian songs, which he never had before.